We are rescuing animals

that are found abandoned, abused, mistreated and starving, and we are trying to offer them a better life.

We care for more than 70 animals that we have rescued and every day we get calls for cats abandoned, sick, abused, mother cats raising their babies on the streets and severely sick cats that are suffering without any help from anyone. We have no days off, we have no one working for us, no one that can help us every day. We do everything ourselves and we are 100% dedicated to the animals in need. We always document our rescues and make animal rescue videos, hoping to educate people and spread the message. We believe that if we show people how it is done, what it takes, and how emotional and rewarding rescuing is, maybe they can relate more and be educated on how to help an animal in need themselves one day.

We provide 24/7 365 days extensive care, expert medical support and a loving environment.

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