Caring for the harmless.

We are serving 70 plus pets run-time 24/7
at our shelter.

Our mission is to rescue , rehabilitate and find loving homes for as many abused , abandoned, neglected ,unwanted, injured , extremely weak, sick, paralyzed Animals. We provide 24/7 365 days extensive care, expert medical support and a loving environment.

Our mission is to rescue , rehabilitate, extremely weak, sick, paralyzed cats and kittens…

Pakistan’s first Kitten Nursery that provides special care for felines that are too young to survive on their own.

We also provide spay and neuter services for our area’s feral cats and dogs…

Success Stories


Our team had saved a cat affected by a fungal infection. We bought him from the animal market, took him with us, and provided with the best treatment. Gladly, he recovered after a series of medical treatments. Watch the video and share with others! Thank you. 


we reached at animals market of our city. It was a heart-breaking and saddest scenes because there were a lot of pets are spending their tough life for waiting of freedom. There ware also some sick cats and dogs that were very close to death. we saw a very sick cat that was very close to death. We got cat from shopkeeper and went to Clinic for his medical treatment.


A cruel man left Pumpkin near our farm and ran away. Our farm servant gave him lot of calls but he ran away without listening to the servant.We were shocked ,When we saw that she is a paralyzed cat. She couldn’t stand on her legs.


We saw this cat in an extremely critical condition. He was so skinny and weak. The vet inspected him condition thoroughly. He told that the cat was infected with virus, had breathing problem, and affected by some itchiness. We didn’t lose hope and provided the costly medical expenses. The treatment continued for 2 months but Smokey has recovered! Cheers! 


A person sent us a clip of an injured cat.The cat’s back leg was broken. His back leg bone was visible.When We went to that location for rescuing him we saw that he couldn’t walk properly but he was trying his best to get away from us and finally we caught him, it was very hardest rescue ever for us.


a person told us about a kitten who kicked out from house because of his black color. It was very difficult for us to belive how can people be be so cruel. But when we reached at location and we met a local person. It was shocking for us when we asked about this kitten and he said that this kitten should be died because he is a black color. We arguing him but he couldn’t ready to understand our talk. 


This poor soul was abandoned by its owner. He just left it at the pet shop without a care. The condition of cat was so heartbreaking. We had a visit at that shop, and we made up our mind to rescue this sad, poor soul. It looked like this cat had given up all hopes of living a better life.  just after a time period of two months, the condition of our Iris is so much different. What a gorgeous cat is Iris now.  


We had found him near a park; he was in a miserable state. We decided to take him with us. He was unfriendly at that time. We kept him aside from other cats, as he was having dirt and fleas on skin. Took him to vet, and got him treated. Some injections and sprays were applied.
We quarantined him, and took care of LUCKY for a month and he’s so much better now. 


We received a call from a shopkeeper who told us about a little kitten. When we reach the place we see the cat wandering here and there in search of food. He seems to be extra slim, weak, tired, hungry, and of course exhausted for love. His eyes were constantly being stuck for someone who can feed him enough. It feels that he hasn’t eaten food for many days. We further noticed that the place is not safe as a cat’s shelter. 

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