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We really appreciate your rescue calls

We really appreciate your rescue calls, our team would love to get your call so we can do more rescues in the near future but here are some policies you should know before you call us.

Eligibility guideline:

  • If you saw any injured cat in the street, just give us a call or email us. We will send our team as soon as we can.
  • Street cats or kittens which you feel are in danger or any disease, our team will be there in no time.
  • Our team’s rescue timing is from 11am to 5pm (PST). Make sure to call us during this timeframe.
  • If you want us to rescue an injured cat, make sure that place is within 10 km so we can rescue it as soon as we can, but if not then you have to take that cat and come to our shelter so we can take it in our custody and treat it.
  • Our mission is specifically for kittens and injured cats, if you saw a street cat that just gave birth to kittens, you can call us to adopt them.
  • We have a limit of 70 animals only in our shelter.
  • If our quota of 70 animals is filled, we won’t be able to rescue or entertain you with our services till someone adopts some animals from us.
  • In the above case, we will recommend another Good NGO that will surely help you in this case.

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